October 05, 2012

The One Where We are Indecisive

So, it was a Wednesday at 4:32, and Sara texted, "What are you doing for dinner?"
              eating food
What are you PLANNING for dinner?
            nothing yet, you?
Trying to see what my husband is doing and then what you were doing
             well, I already told you, I'm eating food.  
              what do you want to eat?
Dinner.  You name where.  My house or elsewhere.
Grrrr.  I HATE this part.
               grrrr. Me too.
Give me 3 choices.
               What SOUNDS good?
Food.  :)
               You're no help.  
Do we stay on this side of town?
               No, we have time for whatever.
Anything then.  Pizza. Mexican. Asian.
A.g.RddfchXekdjdjncjz  (Her toddler got the phone)
Panera.  Tribeca.  You name an alternative.
               I don't have an alternative. 
I couldn't think of other options either.
That sounds great.
It's 5:30 now.
             Then NOW. 
Ok.  Meet there?
               I'll meet you at Walgreens and we'll ride together from there?
             Sara, we made a decision and it only took us 34 texts and 58 minutes!
Go us!
               I know.  We rock.

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