October 10, 2012

The One with the 50-Yard-Line

It had been a particularly icky day.  I was chatting with two of my besties about it, when one of them suggested I just go to bed and have sweet dreams.

"I don't dream," I told her.

And I don't.  I mean, hardly ever.  On the rare occasions I do, my dreams are anxious, unhappy, desperate... definitely not sweet, and waking up is usually a relief.  But mostly, as in 97% of the time, I just don't dream.

This friend, however, dreams elaborate fantasies... castle dwelling, nice dinners with friends, theme park vacations, etc.  Fun stuff.  She says she is always a little bummed to wake up to the reality that is her life, and I think she was rather taken aback that I don't experience the same nighttime escapes.

But that very night, after our conversation, I had a dream, and the next day I informed her of such. 

"You DID???" she replied excitedly, "I prayed that you would dream!!!  What did you dream about?"

"I dreamed there was a football field." 


"That's it.  I dreamed there was a football field."



NinjaPrincess said...

I once dreamed about Pippi Longstockings visiting a monastery. True story.

Stephanie said...

Nice. Very nice. :)