October 20, 2012

The One with the Bright Light and the Helium Balloon

Birthday cards are funny things, aren't they?  We go to a store, pick out a folded piece of paper with someone else's sentiment written on it, pay $3.95 for it and hand it to the birthday boy/girl at dinner.  Bizarre waste of money in my opinion, unless of course, you get a laugh. 

My mom picks out cards for me she thinks are funny, then gives them to me UNSIGNED so I can pass them on to someone else.  I love it.  Cracks. Me. Up.  The one she gave me last year said, 
(on the front)
"Another birthday?  Hey, look on the bright side....
Okay, there is no bright side.
There is, however, a bright light, but you're gonna want to stay away from that." 

This morning I received an early birthday card in the mail, signed by SEVERAL lovely people, but the treat to this card was the sonnet, written just for me, by my favorite Kayla (a fun, smart, quirky teenager I'm privileged to know).  It went something like this:

"Ode to Birthdays"
Birthdays extend across the calendar
They are like helium balloons
Rising higher and higher with age
The flames of life burning bright!
The sandbags drop, much like gravity in old age
But you...
You are ageless and wonderful
You sail high with age, but do not deflate!
Your sarcastic hot air keeps you young!
Let your spirit rise with age
And stay young with your humor
And when the height of your age can no longer be measured
Let yourself float and sail with the wind
And be joyful.
 Because you're pretty fabulous.
Yeah.  This has all the makings of an outstanding day.  I'm going to put on some sparkly shoes and go out and enjoy it.  Happy early Birthday to me.  


janjanmom said...

That child is clearly brilliant and fabulous.

Happy Valentine's Day said...

Helium balloons tend to fascinate adults and children alike (and it's not just the Donald Duck voice thing, though that is a big draw).