February 26, 2008

amendment to my so-called funny life

Okay, so I tell stories the way I remember them. It's my blog. It's my reality. I like it that way! But it's been suggested I need to amend some of yesterday's stories, so here goes:

Re: the Godzilla sushi story. There was no actual oozing of rice and avacado. That line was for comedic effect.

Re: The dog jokes. They're all true. When Kevin was getting into the shower he said, "I'm going to wash myself now." I said, "Don't get a fur ball."

Re: The sesame chicken slime-fest and chase scene. I was reminded that my precious baby Kevin was guilty of holding Mike's arms behind him, enabling Sara to smear Mike's face. Hence the need for Kevin to barracade himself in the room with Sara. The rest about the chasing and running and squealing is all true, and gets funnier every time I replay it in my head, which is much more entertaining than doing co-op lesson plans.

Re: the boy's proposal. My intention was not to shed a "cruel light" on Nathan's proposal. I thought it was brilliant! It was the ONLY way he was going to surprise her and he got her good. Only when she came into the house so solemnly the first time and then he knocked and she went back out, I thought they had gotten into a fight. It was killing me to not snoop or peek out the window when they were standing 15 feet away from me!!!

Re: 70's clothes. I have a slightly wicked sense of humor, but even I am not so cruel as to make Mike wear those Coke pants. He told me yesterday that he didn't think he could pull them off. I had to ask if he meant that literally or figuratively.


Anonymous said...

I just did you silly goob. New blog posted. Go comment and make your daughter happy ;)

Sara said...

I was thinking the same thing about Kacey and Nathan not updating. You'd think they would be excited!

I updated today for goodness sake.

I also laughed out loud while reading this.

janjanmom said...

I think Mike and Sara should give up cruises for Lent.

This is because I am intensely jealous as I have never been on one.

I mean this is because it would grow their spirituality.(I'm laughing as I type that because I can't imagine them growing more spiritual-you're there my little darlings!)

~ Stephanie. said...

AMEN to that! Whoever heard of a "Lent Cruise" . . . it's materialistic, self-centered and just plain wrong (especially since they aren't taking me with them!!!)

Nathan Anderson said...

I posted...It's not a good post, but it'll work.

Thanks for taking up for me :o)

Have I mentioned how beautiful your daughter is?? ;o) I know, I'm mushy...

thruchildeyes said...

I love this post.