February 24, 2008

my so-called funny life

My son was "Undignified" this morning for the JAM kids. (This means, like David who danced before the Lord in his underwear, my son danced in a similarly undignified manner with Kelly for the elementary school kids today during children's worship). Here is a small clip:

We ate sushi at RuSan's in Nashville on Tuesday. At Kevin's prodding, Mike took on "Godzilla" the giant piece of sushi in one bite. It was uncomfortably enormous for anyone's mouth - even Mike's. It was especially unpleasant when rice and avacado began to ooze out of disgusting places in disgusting ways. Don't try to make a mental picture.

So, ever since the "dog shampoo" incident during last week's communal living, dog jokes about Kevin have been rampant. On the same day as the Godzilla sushi occurrence, Mike was dancing in the car. Kevin alluded to Mike's dancing looking more like siezures than choreography and asked Mike if he needed something to bite down on. Mike said he would just bite down on one of Kevin's chew toys! Then, on a snow day as I was watching all the school closings on the news, I decided we would officially change the name of our homeschool from "Reynolds Academy" to "Reynolds Obedience and Training School." Now, if we could only get him housebroken . . .

ReighAnne is not happy with me because I put this picture of her on the screen at church this morning. Tonight she mumbled something about setting cats on fire in my front yard and tapeworm eggs in my coffee . . . she says I should know better than to get on the bad side of a biologist. Frankly, I'm more than a little scared. (I love you, ReighAnne!)

On Thursday night we were finishing up at the office and deciding what to do for the evening. We decided on sesame chicken and "Lost". At this point we are still at the office. Greg has just left our house for his 20-min drive to work, it is raining and beginning to freeze outside, so the roads are getting nasty. I sent Kevin out to start the car. He did. From the passenger side. Then he locked it and came back inside. Yep. He LOCKED it, and came back inside. So now we are locked out of my car, the car is running, and the nearest set of extra keys is 30+ minutes away. Thanks to Sara, she took me to meet Greg and all that we lost was 45 minutes and a quarter tank of gas. (I suspect Kevin did it on purpose so I wouldn't make him go out in the cold to start the car anymore!)

Same Thursday night, sesame chicken was acquired and consumed, except for the smudge of brown syrupy sesame goo that Sara smeared on Mike's face. What followed was an all out game of chase between Sara and Mike, with ketchup bottle in hand, bent on revenge. It would be okay to make a mental picture of this one, 'cause it was too funny to watch them chase each other AROUND and AROUND and AROUND the kitchen, squealing (Okay, Sara was the only one squealing, Mike was just laughing!) and stopping only to catch their breath and change direction. Sara barracaded herself in the guest bedroom with Kevin until the coast cleared. Really wish you could have been there. (Though after today's post, they may not allow ME to be there anymore . . .)

Saturday night my daughter suspected she was getting an engagement ring. She was told to "dress up" and Nathan took her to diFratelli's. He didn't give her a ring. She thought maybe afterward they would drive down to the riverfront and he would propose there. He didn't. She thought mabye he would stop at the church building on the way home and give her the ring there. He didn't. He brought her home. He said goodnight. She came into the house almost in tears because she was so sure and she was so disappointed. Just as she was about to lose her composure, Nathan knocked on the door. When she opened it, he was down on one knee on our front porch. Needless to say, she got a ring. A GORGEOUS princess-cut sapphire ring, which is what she has always wanted.

Greg came in from work this morning at 6 at told me he was going on a geology expedition. Mind you, it's early and I'm still in bed. "What did you say?" "I'm going to do some geology work," he said. I still didn't get it. "HUH???" I said as I raised up slightly and made an expression that I feel is largely responsible for the wrinkles that are appearing on my face now. He said, "I'm - going - to - see - the - rock - on - my - daughter's - hand". Ohhhhh, geology work. Now I get it. I decided I needed to sleep a few more minutes.

I am enjoying scouring eBay for 70's clothes for Mikey to wear in the Paducah Follies show next month. These are some of my favorites:

Now if I can only find a wide-lapel, orange scenic-print polyester shirt . . .


Sara said...

Yes, you are definitely grounded. That's all I have to say.

Sandy said...

That was cruel of Nathan!

I am impressed that Reigh Anne can sleep sitting straight up. That would be such a useful skill... although I've also suspected that my high schoolers are able to sleep with their eyes open and nod at appopriate times. That would be a useful skill too.

janjanmom said...

Okay, I am now convinced Nathan can hang with the crazy R's. Perfect!!

Mike totally needs white polyester pants or a blue leisure suit. Creatures of habit would be perfect...and fairly economical-they love the arts!!

thruchildeyes said...

Okay, Reigh Anne's comments were so funny, I laughed my dinner right out of my mouth. No need for a mental image there, either.

Nathan Anderson said...

Well, I think Sandy is wrong in saying I'm cruel... She knew I was getting a ring and going to propose, so I had to have SOME element of surprise!!!! This is MY moment too! hahahaha! ;o) And the way you tell it definitely skews the story a little in the "cruel" favor!

You forgot to mention that you thought we were fighting and came out to check on us! :o)