February 29, 2008

WARNING: fluorescent lights are hazardous to your self-esteem

Terrell came in to my office earlier today so we could work on some worship stuff. We finished talking and he just sat here for awhile. After a few minutes he said, "What is it about your office that makes people want to come in here and stay?" I took that as a compliment. Now, I'd like to think that it's my company that makes people want to hang out, but truthfully, I think it is because I have sage green walls and four lamps that light the room with warm incandescent lighting. It gives you, to quote the Eagles, a "peaceful, easy feeling". Maybe too peaceful and easy judging from the photos, but still, a welcome change from the "slap-you-in-the-face" overhead fluorescents in most offices. Fluorescent lighting should be illegal. Come on, if they can enact a smoking ban in every public building in the country because it's hazardous to your health, then can't they do the same to fluorescents because they're hazardous to your self-esteem???

At least they should offer a disclaimer like Dairy Queen does with peanuts.

WARNING: This establishemnt uses fluorescent lighting. Once you enter the premises you will appear hideous. Your skin will become blotchy, all cellulite will be painfully obvious, the low, dull buzzing will leave you with a migraine, and your pants and socks will no longer match even though they looked fine in your bedroom this morning.

Yes, I know fluorescents are a "greener" more environmentally friendly choice, but if that is our reasoning, then I vote for candles. Who doesn't look better in candlelight?


Lesli said...

I love it and completely concur!!

Nathan Anderson said...

Ya know, I spent my whole Friday in our office with a fluorescent light, 3 hours of it staring at the schedule, and I totally left in a weird mood! HAHA

oh, and by the way, there is no "flour" in the lamps! haha Spell-check flagged it for a reason!


~ Stephanie. said...

Future son-in-law whose status as such is now "iffy": "flour" has been changed the "fluor". :o)

Maude said...


Two things --
1. You know that regular light bulbs are going to be illegal in a few years, right? Learn to love your CFL's. As Ned Flanders says, "They hum like angels." :)

2. I've been lurking for a while and have been really enjoying your blog. I've figured out the main players (your hubby & kids), but I need some help with this one. Who in the world is Mike??

Sandy said...

looks to me like a comfy couch might have a lot more to do with it than pleasant lighting :-)

~ Stephanie. said...

Who in the world is Mike? Let's see if I can answer that.
Mike is: Sara's husband. Our associate minister. My co-worker. A very good friend. A role model for my son. One of the people who will be performing my daughter's wedding. The goofiest human being I have ever known. A blessing to my life. More like a brother to me than any other description I can come up with. There. Hope that helps!

Maude said...

Thanks! It's kind of fun piecing together the "who's who" of someone's life just from the stories people tell. Mike kept throwing me for a loop, though. He appeared in both stories from home and from work. You talked about him like a relative, but he didn't seem to really be one. Ummm...now I sound like a stalker. I'm not -- really!! :)