February 01, 2008

selling my youngest-born

insurance company has assured us that if we don't put a new roof on our house, and fast, they are going to drop us: $2000+

car has been in the shop since last Thursday. I am selling my youngest-born to get it back: $1786.97 + new tires $350

picture tube on our tv went out. Jack and Kate faded to black and were . . . LOST. Price for new pretty 42" one at Sam's club: $1200 - 1600

Having sushi in Nashville tomorrow: priceless.


thruchildeyes said...

We tried to buy your youngest-born last year. No wonder Philip backed down ~ if the bidding was going to $2000. He would have been worth it, though, if we had that kind of money.

janjanmom said...

Do you only sell him once a year? I bet you are getting some fun lurkers.