February 12, 2008

microwave by candlelight

My parents got a new vehicle. It is white. Kevin told them they couldn't drive it after Labor Day.

My daughter has some exciting job prospects . . . she is "stoked" about the possibilities! Thanks to her wonderful boy for doing a Target run last night to buy her a portfolio and resume paper.

We have been without power since about 3 a.m. I am hoping by the time I get home this afternoon I will not have to use the microwave by candlelight!

Terrell just called and told me to "go home". He said the roads are getting bad, so for once, I might actually listen to him!


Nathan Anderson said...

Hope you made it home safely! Good luck trying to nuke things by candlelight.

Nathan Anderson said...

Oh, and did you delete an entry??... I was actually gonna comment on it today b/c I liked it, but oh well...

Anonymous said...

Wow mom. How exactly does "microwaving by candlelight" work? Do you stick the candle in the microwave under the glass tray and put your food in and make your own countdown? Or do you set a watch timer like the fancy people?

I know I'm taking your idiocy literally, but humor me. I haven't eaten in a while and even nuked food sounds good!

Love you woman...hope the power comes back on soon...it's hard to blowdry your hair when you have no lights to look in the mirror with!