April 28, 2008

happy blogday

My baby is a year old! My blog baby, that is. Posted my “100 things” list on April 28, 2007. So, here’s what has transpired in the past 366 days:

Kevin starred in “Wilma’s Revenge” at Market House Theatre. (He played the annoying brother - wasn’t exactly a dramatic stretch for him.)

The cowboy began his post-retirement career, so, if you count his pension, Kacey’s job at the library, Kevin’s lawn-mowing endeavors, and, of course, my jobs, we became a sextuple-income family.

I was privileged to be part of Titus M.’s precious entrance into this big world,
during which time his laboring mother told me, “I hate you. I mean it. This is not funny.”

I became a literature/writing teacher for the high school and middle school co-op, and re-read several great classics like “To Kill a Mockingbird” and “Silas Marner”.

I became a coffee drinker. Okay, a warm-milk-with-coffee-in-it drinker, but still . . .

I got a new purse.

We got to "vacation" in an aluminum shoebox while the cowboy competed in the Extreme Mustang Makeover in the big city of Fort Worth.

I shaved Mike’s neck - not once, but twice. (Quite possibly the most exciting events
of my entire year.)

Nathan fell in love with my daughter, and, I’m very happy to say, vice-versa.

Kevin resumed drum & guitar lessons.

I relinquished my Amish status and got a cell phone.

I learned to love dogs. Well . . . maybe that's a stretch. I learned to tolerate Topaz the wonder pooch and I even find it endearing that he brings me his toy so I will play with him when I go to "his house".

Kacey graduates next Saturday - no more tuition!!! (As I'm sure Kevin will receive a full scholarship for academics . . . or Guitar Hero.)

I discovered sushi. Which, I assume, was much like the discovery of oil: disgusting at first, but upon further investigation, absolutely essential to the quality of my life.

We are planning a wedding for the end of the summer.

You know, they say if you don't write these things down, you will forget. Maybe I should keep a journal . . .


Kacey Leigh said...

Wow. What a year. Thanks for those pictures.... ?????

thruchildeyes said...

It wasn't funny. But I'm so glad you were there!

You have had great year! Good job keeping on with that Lent commitment. Are you really going to PBC? Good for you!

thruchildeyes said...

Oh yeah, and I don't hate you.