April 04, 2008

my two "scents" worth

A few months back, Mike preached an interactive sermon on smelling
like God. (Don't ask - you really had to be here!) So, to prepare for the interactive part, we collected several "scents" - hickory smoke, popcorn, vanilla, mint, and apple/cinnamon, just to name a few. Somehow, the apple/cinnamon one ended up leaking in my desk and in the backseat of my car, and for weeks the odeur of artificial fruit pie permeated my office and my vehicle. At first it was overwhelming, but day by day the stench became a scent became just a lingering olfactory reminder of a pretty decent, and fairly memorable sermon.

Yesterday, Kevin opened my desk door, and
out wafted that familiar apple/cinnamon smell, to which I commented, "My desk still smells like God". Kevin took a big whiff and claimed,
"I'm really glad Mike didn't preach about
smelling like sheep."

Yeah, me too.

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