January 04, 2009

2008 in pictures

Spiritual Goal: Eph. 4:29
New cell phone
Wedding dress shopping
Kevin's biology class
Kevin's drum/guitar lessons
Ice Storm sleepovers
Topaz dogsitting
Lent commitments
Sushi, sushi, sushi
BPA-free water bottles
Christ Formed artwork
Follies office previews :o)
Quest for glassware
Engagement pictures
Saba passport saga
"Green Ball"
Favorite Song: Sara Bareilles - Love Song
Favorite Movies: Dark Knight & 7 Pounds
Most listened to cd's: Jack Johnson & John Mayer
Most talked-about book: The Shack
Kevin & Mike wresting matches
Kacey's college graduation
Lindsay's high school graduation
Palmetto Bible Camp
The ongoing Superman vs. Batman debate
The beginning of the Darling building
Camp Barnabas
Jewelry & shoe-shopping with Sara
Our new kitten, still unnamed
Superhero Mystery Party
Back to School Olympics
08/08/08 WEDDING!
Sonic Happy Hour blackberry tea
2008/2009 Co-op
Fort Worth Mustang Makeover
Kevin's automotive narcolepsy
Nathan & Kacey to Indianapolis
Weekend getaway to Natural Bridge
Sanity-saving progesterone :o)
Happy Birthday to me!
Six-word stories
Zoe Conference
Emily's Countdown Calendar Weekend

Obviously this isn't all-encompasing, but it was fun to put together a "year in review" photo collage!


Ashley said...

What was this superhero mystery party you speak of?

And...7 pounds...is that the movie in theaters NOW?

Kacey Leigh said...

BOO on Seven Pounds.

Yay for the rest. I like pictures :)

~ Stephanie. said...

The Superhero Mystery Party was a youth group event at our church . . . really silly, but fun!

And yes, seven pounds is in theaters currently.

MichaelPolutta said...

We just got "The Dark Knight" from Netflix. I've heard it is, uhh, dark. Hoping to watch it this weekend.