January 02, 2009

SHOOPerman and chew toys

Corban is staying with us for a few days! He is the kid who peed on Mike last year, so that automatically makes him one of my favorite little guys! (haha) Corban is 2-and-a-half and such a sweetie! He fell asleep last night snuggled up in my lap, and it was all I could do to make myself hand him over to Kevin (they are sharing a bed this weekend!)

Corban discovered a Superman/Batman lunchbox ornament on my Christmas tree and immediately went to his bag to show me his Superman/Batman action figures he brought with him. He was so excited! I keep asking him who his favorite is just so I can hear him say, enthusiastically, "SHOOP-erman!!!"

My favorite moment of today was when Corban called out, "Will you help me wif my shocks, Keviepoo?" YES! I love that they repeat everything they hear! Kevin, however, growled at me. Apparently, "Keviepoo" just doesn't work for my almost 16-year-old.

Speaking of Keviepoo and being almost 16: He is counting down the days to his driver's permit. He is also counting the four wisdom teeth that are working their way in. He has also been a bit under the weather lately. Not exactly sick, just lethargic with a runny nose for about 2 weeks now.

Wait a minute.

Lethargic. Runny Nose. Wisdom Teeth.

MY TEENAGE SON IS TEETHING!!!! HAHAHAHAHA That explains so much!!!

When I told him rubbing a bit of whiskey onto his gums would help numb the discomfort, he smiled a devious little smile.

Think I'll buy him a chew toy instead.


E.T.'s Mom said...

You tell the best stories! I guess that's where your daughter gets it.

We've been watching your NYEEEEP videos over and over at Emily's request.

And I reaaly hope the horse is found quickly and safely.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

hahaha I LOVE YOU!!! poor kevie poo...

Ashley said...

Hehehehe! Wisdom teeth are no fun, but I do love the nicknames the little one picked up haha :)