January 16, 2009

the four-headed monster

It's that time again. Pre-birthday sleepover, minus the sleep. Which means 18 hours of pizza, caffeine, swedish fish and video games for four almost-16-year-old boys, while I sequester myself in the bedroom.

Last year, Mike showed up and "kidnapped" the boys and took them for cheese fries and Klondike bars.

This year maybe somebody will show up and kidnap me. :o)

Prolly not.

Good thing I have that cursed cable.


Sara said...

If you could come up with a color scheme and the perfect office furniture for me while watching your cursed cable I would appreciate it!

Ashley said...

Darn...you shoulda told me and we could've snuck off to the movies!

Kacey Leigh said...

No no no. Please don't ever leave them unsupervised. You might come back to a house with no cable...or no house at all. That's never a good thing.

Happy Birthday Little Brother!!!!