January 14, 2009


Current Book:

*Saving Fish from Drowning (Amy Tan) I picked this one up at the used bookstore . . .

the first line was “It was not my fault”. I knew I had to read it.

Current Play List:

A little Jason Mraz. Mm Hmm.

Current Drink:

Water. Which I hate. Why couldn’t water be fizzy and taste like Coke?

Current Food:

Last night I made baked spaghetti, but I also just bought a bazillion “100 calorie snack packs” which, if you eat 5 or 6 at once, probably defeats the purpose.

Current Wish List:

Hmmm . . . SNOW! :o)

Current Need:

A new tube of progesterone cream. When I said something about almost being out, Kevin looked me in the face and VERY SERIOUSLY said, “You are not allowed to run out. You must buy more before this one is empty.”

I think he is enjoying having his non-crying mother back.

Current Triumph:

I am taking lessons on “how to get things done” from my bestie. On Monday I got the garage door fixed (it has been broken for 8 months), activated my debit card (which I have had since LAST February), made an appointment to get my cat fixed, listed some items for sale on eBay, ordered Kevin’s birthday gift, did all my lesson plans for both co-op and Wednesday night class, and called the gas company to come actually READ the meter rather than estimating it at $60 higher than I know it should be. Yea, me!

Current Bane of my Existence:

Cable. It is evil. And I love it. It makes me stay up too late, and keeps me in bed too long in the mornings. Cursed HGTV.

Current Indulgence:

I’m having my eyebrows waxed this afternoon. Indulgence!

Current #1 Blessing:

My amazing children. Could NOT love them more.

Current Slang or Saying:

"I’m just sayin’”

Current Outfit:

Today I am wearing this new suede jacket, which is totally NOT something I would have bought because of the price, except the sales lady was so eager to make a sale that she threw this $20 off coupon at me and then picked up this jacket and said, “It’s 70% off you know.” No, I didn't know! Okay, I’m no rocket scientist, but 70% off less 20 more dollars is like . . . well, let’s just say, in the end, I think she gave me cash back just to take it. So really, it was like I had no choice. Sort of like rescuing hungry kittens who need a good home. But since it is leather, I guess the whole "a cow had to die for this jacket" thing might negate the saving kittens analogy.

Current Excitement:

Having a new doula client . . . even though the birth is not for 4 more months, it is definitely something I can get excited about!

Current Mood:

Goofy happy!

Current Picture(s):

with glasses . . . without glasses. I'm like Superman - you can hardly tell it's the same person!


Ashley said...

OMG - I need YOU to motivate ME now! I have a list that's like - oh, a bajillion miles long and I feel excited for getting ONE thing crossed off. When I look at everything you achieved on Monday, I want to eat my list! lol. Not really. But you could imagine, right?

While you are praying for snow, I'm totally praying for warmness lol.

By the way, you are EXACTLY like superman...except way prettier. I would've never guessed both of those pictures were you...nope, never.

Kacey Leigh said...

Currently, we have 4 inches of powdery snow and about another 6 on the way I think.

My current drink is a blackberry mocha...but it changes daily.

My most recent indulgence was three new eyeliners, but only because I found them at .98 cents a piece.

My current need: snowboots.

janjanmom said...

Observation number 1:
I had no idea Sara D could motivate work like that!! Is she taking on new clients? Winter has me semi-hiberanted which is not recommended.

Observation number 2:
Go visit Kacey-I hear there is snow there. Take snow boots for a hostess gift. I am totally psychic.

Observation number 3:
You seem happier when you wear glasses. I'm never happier when I wear glasses. Usually they are a sign that I am too lazy to schedule and go in for an eye exam.

janjanmom said...

Observation number 4:
I spelled semi-hibernated wrong.

~ Stephanie. said...

I like HIBERANTED. Gonna use it in sentences today. It's like "ranting" but extra.

And I HATE wearing glasses. The big cheesy grin is a fake!

E.T.'s Mom said...

Sara was probably involved somehow in finding the new suede jacket, too. She finds those deals!

Goofy happy is a great way to be.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

Love the jacket. AND THE WOMAN!!!