January 23, 2009

good sex

Got your attention, huh?

One New Table
I am getting new office furniture! Picked up my table from Pier 1 yesterday and assembled it today . . . it is BIGGER than I envisioned, but I LOVE it, so I will make it work even if I have to rearrange and give up my coveted corner desk spot.

Two New Horses
The cowboy is getting two, yes TWO, more mustangs tomorrow, this time for the Extreme Mustang Makeover in Ocala, Florida in April. This will be the first of two EMM competitions this year. Here's to biting off more than you can chew!

Three-Letter Word
There was a catalog on my desk today. The book on the catalog cover was entitled, "Good Sex". I told Kevin I was going to blog about "having good sex on my desk". He, for some strange reason, was not in favor of the idea . . .

Four-Headed Monster
So we had the 16th Birthday sleepover last Friday night, which consisted of 10 straight hours of video games, junk food, and caffeine, only to be briefly interrupted by something the boys called "FreezeOut". At the near-tropical temperature of 7 degrees, the boys stripped down to their boxers and ran outside. WHY? Because they could. Or because they are idiots. Or both. John Mark's dad said I should have locked them out and hosed them down . . . (See Kevin, I'm not the WORST parent!)


Ashley said...

"briefly interrupted" by a freeze out, eh? lol

Darn, I was really looking forward to the "having good sex on my desk" post - except, maybe not. I'm not really sure. Coming from you, I'm sure it'd be super funny though :)

MichaelPolutta said...

Yikes. Was that a compliment?

Sara said...

lol...kevin will be mortified if he reads this...but it is definitely one way to get everyone's attention. You will get lots of web hits from this posts.

*Lindsay*Jordan* said...

HAHAHA!!! Again, you are my favorite aunt ever!! but thats no surprise, and even more your one of my favorite PEOPLE ever!!! You, Kacey, and the little people in my walls.