January 18, 2009

prayer request

On Kacey's 2nd birthday, I was blessed and privileged to hold my best friend Sherri's hand and breathe with her as she and her sweet husband, Neal, welcomed their first child into the world. They named him Tony. It was my first "doula" experience long before I ever knew what a doula was.

Over the years, Tony and his sister, Randi, have been like cousins to my kids. We love them like family. Neal & Sherri are those rare friends you can just pick up with where you left off no matter how long it has been.

We found out today, on Kevin's 16th birthday, that Tony has a brain tumor the size of an egg. Apparently this has happened quickly, with headaches, followed by numbness in his arm and face, followed by tests . . . and now he is having surgery on Tuesday. Though Neal & Sherri still live in Alaska, Tony is in Arkansas where he is in college. We are headed that direction in the morning, once again so I can hold Sherri's hand and breathe with her.

Please pray for Tony. Kevin chatted with him a bit tonight, and Tony seems to be in good spirits with full assurance that he is in God's hands.

Thanks to you all . . . I will keep you posted.



NinjaPrincess said...


T Lee said...

I'm very sorry to hear about this. This is the kind of thing that leaves all of us feeling pretty helpless...except through prayer. My prayers go up for Tony and his family. Travel safely.

E.T.'s Mom said...

Oh Stephanie, what a hard time this must be. We'll be bringing their family and yours before the Father in prayer.

Ashley said...

I'm praying over them and your family, as well. Will be checking back for updates.